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Welcome to your home-based market of organic sourdough bread goods and so much more.

Sourdough Goods

Sourdough Goods

Artisan & Sandwich loaves traditionally prepared with sourdough starter and no added... 

Homesteading Classes

Homesteading Classes

In-person group classes to equip you with the skills and confidence to... 

Organic Ingredients & Attention to Detail

All bread products are crafted using high-quality organic flour and prepared the old-fashioned way. Using only flour, water, and salt our loaves are made the only way bread should be.

  • -Matt

    "You know something is good when you tell yourself you've had enough and then go back for more. That's Nicole's sourdough."

  • -Michelle

    "My new favorite start to the morning! All the delicious taste of sourdough in an incredibly soft, easy to cut sandwich loaf. Truly brilliant. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

  • -Destiny

    "I loved every bite of the loaf I got from Nicole! Way better than any sourdough I have bought from the store. It made everything I paired it with so much better."

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The Bimber Family

  • "Dada"

    otherwise known as:
    excellent woodworker
    oil & gas scheduler
    devoted father
    leader of our home

  • "Mama"

    otherwise known as:
    from scratch baker & chef
    home educator
    wellness blogger

    animal lover

  • "Kiddos"

    boys ages 8, 5, and 2
    little sister expected this Nov/Dec
    beginner musicians
    animal lovers
    the best of friends

  • "Critters"

    1 dog

    2 "barn" cats

    laying hens & some roos
    coming soon:
    more chickens, ducks, and more!