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Dapper Goat Dairy

Raw Goat's Milk Half Gallon

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Local raw goat's milk from Dapper Goat Dairy! Goats are primarily pasture grazed and supplemented with soy-free feed. Goat milk not available from November 2023-March 2024. Will notify active members and re-stock once made available again!

Raw Dairy Co-Op Interest Form

*Your order will NOT be processed and will be refunded (if applicable) unless you have filled out the above form and been welcomed as an active member.

Learn more about raw milk here.

This co-op collects orders for the milk and provides you with a closer pickup location than using your resources and time to drive out to the dairy yourself. As a member of this co-op, you are required to place your order every 2 weeks and make payment via cash, check, or via the website and pickup the day the milk is picked up within the provided time frame. Any milk not picked up during  the provided time frame is liable to be offered to someone else at a discounted price, leaving your future participation with our dairy co-op at risk.

If you can abide by the above agreement and are interested in learning more about picking up in Houston or Hockley, please fill out the above form BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER and we will be in touch soon.